01. She has to watch what she eats because her [cholesterol] level is getting too high.
02. Eggs contain a lot of [cholesterol].
03. His doctor told him he has to be very careful about what he eats because his [cholesterol] level is getting too high.
04. You should cut down on meat if you want to lower your [cholesterol] level.
05. French fries and fried chicken will cause your [cholesterol] levels to get too high.
06. Too much [cholesterol] in your blood can cause heart disease.
07. His [cholesterol] levels are getting high because of his poor eating habits.
08. My dad can't eat eggs because they have too much [cholesterol] in them.
09. [Cholesterol] is found in the fat, tissue and blood of all animals.
10. You have a dangerously high [cholesterol] level, and unless you do something to bring it under control, you risk suffering a major heart attack.
11. Your body's cells need [cholesterol] to function properly, but too much in the blood causes problems.
12. For most people, a low-fat diet and exercise are all that are needed to lower [cholesterol].
13. Bananas have no fat, [cholesterol] or sodium.
14. High [cholesterol] can be identified by a blood test.
15. Soybeans contain no [cholesterol], and are low in saturated fat.
16. A recent study has concluded that the most important risk factor for heart disease worldwide is a bad [cholesterol] profile.

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